An alternative to HackerRank et. al. That Seems a Distinct Improvement

Hope: a flower grows up through asphalt
  • No countdown timer. One recruiter teed up the test “should take about 45 minutes” but this wasn’t enforced in any way.
  • A programming editor, but no restriction on using other resources (websites, editors, what have you.)
  • You do have to give video responses to some questions; it’s apparently configurable whether you can retry your submission. I’ve seen it both ways, and I’m getting used to doing this so it’s not as off-putting as I have let it be in the past.
  • write a program that determines whether two strings as input are anagrams; report the time complexity of your solution
  • way and yaw are anagrams
  • way and bay are not
  • create a dictionary / hash table of the letters in the first word, with value increased by 1 for every duplicate letter
  • go through the second word and reduce the dictionary value by 1 every letter you hit, or fail if you come to a letter that’s not already in the dictionary
  • the dictionary values should all be back to 0 at the end; if so return TRUE




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Mark McWiggins

Mark McWiggins

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